Supported in 2014 by State Senator Jim Beall, Assemblymember Paul Fong, Sheriff Laurie Smith, Councilmembers Johnny Khamis, Donald Rocha and many other community supporters.

partial list….

ELECTED OFFICIALS (current & former*)

United States Congress
Honorable Zoe Lofgren
Honorable Anna Eshoo
California State Senate

Honorable Jim Beall
Honorable Jerry Hill
California State Assembly
Honorable Paul Fong
Honorable Speaker Pro Tempore Nora Campos
Honorable Mark Stone

Honorable Sally Lieber* (Speaker Pro Tempore*)
Honorable Manny Diaz*
Honorable Jim Cunneen*
Santa Clara County Supervisor
Honorable Ken Yeager
Honorable Dave Cortese
Honorable Cindy Chavez
Honorable Mike Wasserman
Santa Clara County Sheriff
Honorable Laurie Smith
Santa Clara County Assessor
Honorable Larry Stone
San Jose City Council
Honorable Donald Rocha
Honorable Johnny Khamis
Honorable Ash Kalra
Honorable Kansen Chu
Honorable Nancy Pyle (and former SJECCD Trustee)*
Honorable Charlotte Powers (and former SJECCD Trustee)*
Honorable Forrest Williams*
Campbell City Council & Former Mayor
Honorable Evan Low
Sunnyvale City Council – Mayor
Honorable Jim Griffith
Cupertino City Council & Former Mayor
Honorable Dolly Sandoval*
Los Gatos Town Council & Former Mayor
Honorable Joe Pirzynski
Morgan Hill City Council
Honorable Rich Constantine
Community College Trustees
Honorable Wendy Ho – San Jose/Evergreen
Honorable Mayra Cruz – San Jose/Evergreen
Honorable Craig Mann – San Jose/Evergreen
Honorable Rudy Nasol – San Jose/Evergreen
Honorable Balbir Dhillon – San Jose/Evergreen
Honorable Randy Okomura*- San Jose/Evergreen
Honorable Autumn Young* – San Jose/Evergreen
Honorable Isabel Barreras – State Center
Honorable Jeffrey Kellogg – Long Beach
Santa Clara County Board of Education
Honorable Darcie Green
K12 Trustees
Honorable Kalen Gallagher – Campbell Union High School
Honorable Frank Biehl – East Side Union High School
Honorable David Cohen – Berryessa
Honorable Andres Quintero – Alum Rock
Honorable Pam Foley – San Jose Unified
Honorable Buu Thai – Franklin-McKinley Board President
Honorable Maya Esparza, Franklin-McKinley
Honorable Dustin DeRollo* – Franklin-McKinley
Santa Clara Valley Water District
Honorable Barbara Keegan
Honorable Linda LeZotte
California Board of Governors
Honorable Danny Hawkins
El Camino Hospital Board of Directors
Honorable Dennis Chiu

Santa Clara County Democratic Party
California Chiropractic Association
Democratic Activists for Women Now – DAWN
Silicon Valley Young Democrats
South Bay Labor Council – COPE
American Federation of Teachers – AFT6157
Evolve California

Dr. Terry Christensen, Emeritus Professor San Jose State University
Dr. Gus Lease: Professor & Emeritus Chair San Jose State University
Wiggsy Sivertsen, Emeritus San Jose State University
Henry Gee: Vice President Administrative Services Evergreen Valley College
Carol Coen: Vice Chancellor SJECCD Workforce Institute
Rosalie Ledesma: Executive Director of Governmental & External Affairs
Linda Carbajal: Retired Evergreen Valley College Dean of Business
Rita Karlsten: Retired Evergreen Valley College Dean of Language Arts
Michael J. Fallon: Director CCLL San Jose State University

Loretta Riddle – Chief of Staff Senator Al Alquist (former)
Steve Kline – Burbank DelMonte
Hellen Chapman – S/HPNA
Dan Chapman – S/HPNA
Chris Roth – WGNA President & SJ Library & Early Education Commission Vice Chair
Peter Allen – WGNA Board Member & SJ Arts Comissioner
Kenneth Kelly – President United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County
Randi Kinman – SONA
Bob Sippel – Rose Garden West
Edesa Bitbadal
David Dearborn
Jon Kessler
Rich Robinson
Kathy Robinson
Noelani Sallings
Ann Grabowski
Jill Chesler
Judy Rickard
Teresa Alvarado
Leila Peixão McCabe
Drina Collins
Joshua Barousse
Matt Savage
Janice Allen
Gerald Hunt
Jordan Daniel Eldridge
Chris Tanimoto
Bud LoMonaco
David Ginsborg
Kathy Sutherland
Mike Casas
Dan Hoffman
Shaian Mohammadi
John Comiskey

Jim Carpeneti ◍ Rich Scharaga ◍ George Bettisworth ◍ Merylee Shelton ◍ Lauren McKee ◍ Joy Pace ◍ Shirley Andre ◍ Jim Azevedo ◍ Dennis Berger ◍ Elizabeth Ibarra ◍ Gabriela Lease ◍ Dennis Berger ◍ Shirley Andre ◍ Lois Lease ◍ Jose Adame ◍ Jeffrey Steger ◍ Lilia Steger ◍ Silvia Ibarra ◍ Filippo Mancini ◍ Victoria Ramirez ◍ Tony Mirenda &#9677 “… and more being added every day”

* Organization titles are for identification purposes only

Representing residents in: (Willow Glen, Almaden, Shasta-Hanchett, Park, Rose Garden West, College Park & Parts of Cambrian)

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SJECCD Graduation 2014

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Education has been an integral part of Dr. Leaseʼs life. He worked for the District for four years. His mother Lois worked for the district for 33 years. His father, Gus, has been a professor at San Jose State University for over 60 years.
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Dr. Jeffrey Lease – Responsible Leadership

Our students deserve excellent education. Since 2010, Dr. Lease has worked tirelessly restoring “Trust” to the office of College Trustee.

Dr. Lease has served as Board President, and continues fighting to improve transparency, communication and ensure taxpayers get full value for every dollar spent. His responsible leadership has strengthened relationships between the community, teachers, administrators and students.

Education is an integral part of Dr. Lease’s life. His father, Gus, was a professor in higher education for 71 years (66 years at San Jose State University).

Dr. Jeffrey Lease is a Community College Professor (teaching Anatomy) at MJC, a nationally recognized Instructor of the Kinesio Taping Method, a Doctor of Chiropractic and parent of two wonderful children.

Student success is not merely an outcome but also a process. Dr. Lease is committed to ensuring that equity and opportunity exist for all students.

Dr. Lease pledges to continue finding innovative ways to help students complete their educational goals and provide for their families. Together we can build an exceptional future for our students.