Biography of Dr. Jeffrey Lease

Dr. Lease was born and raised in San Jose. He lives in the Willow Glen neighborhood with his wife Gabriela, son Logan and daughter Sofia. He has a strong background in education, being raised in a learning/teaching-centric family, and understands its value in a person’s life. His father Gus, a professor at San Jose State University for 60 years, always said to him “get your education son, because no one can ever take that away from you.”

Dr. Lease began his education in the Alum Rock Public School District where he was placed in the Mentally Gifted Minors program. He continued his education at Harker Academy in Saratoga for Junior High and Graduated from Archbishop Mitty High School in 1986.

Dr. Lease has a solid track record of setting goals and achieving them. As a college student at San Jose State University, he balanced full-time course work while breaking records, winning awards and earning a college scholarship in the first sales position he ever held selling Cutco Cutlery—ultimately earning the title of district manager by the time he reached age 21.

Dr. Lease earned a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University Fresno, while serving as a personal trainer to competitive body builders. During that time, Dr. Lease became interested in helping clients with their injuries, which ultimately led him to Pre-Med school. While in school full time, he volunteered in a physical therapy office and the emergency room at San Jose Medical Hospital, and determined Chiropractic to be his calling.

Dr. Lease earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2000 from Palmer College Chiropractic West. He received the nationally recognized “Who’s Who” award for his outstanding contributions to the profession and school as a student, and served as President of the Sports Council. In 2001, he launched InMotion Chiropractic, and pioneered mobile chiropractic care in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is an internationally recognized educator to medical professionals.

Dr. Lease has built a successful chiropractic business by taking an analytical, hands-on approach to understanding how the interconnected parts of the body work, what leads to their demise, and the corrective action required to ensure his patients leave feeling better than when they arrived.

Dr. Lease has close personal ties with the SJCC/EVC community college district faculty, staff and their families, where he has provided chiropractic care for 14 years. He also, worked as a campus administrator at Evergreen Valley College for 4 years, and his mother Lois recently retired after serving 33 years as a classified employee.

Dr. Lease earned a Masters in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction from New York Chiropractic College in 2016 and is currently teaching Human Anatomy in the community college system.

Dr. Lease wants to continue passing along the legacy of education, and its value in a person’s life to his children. His passion is to ensure that every child in the community has the same educational opportunities he did growing up in San Jose.

Representing residents in: (Willow Glen, Almaden, Shasta-Hanchett, Park, Rose Garden West, College Park & Parts of Cambrian)

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Education has been an integral part of Dr. Leaseʼs life. He worked for the District for four years. His mother Lois worked for the district for 33 years. His father, Gus, has been a professor at San Jose State University for over 60 years.
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Dr. Jeffrey Lease – Responsible Leadership

Our students deserve excellent education. Since 2010, Dr. Lease has worked tirelessly restoring “Trust” to the office of College Trustee.

Dr. Lease has served as Board President, and continues fighting to improve transparency, communication and ensure taxpayers get full value for every dollar spent. His responsible leadership has strengthened relationships between the community, teachers, administrators and students.

Education is an integral part of Dr. Lease’s life. His father, Gus, was a professor in higher education for 71 years (66 years at San Jose State University).

Dr. Jeffrey Lease is a Community College Professor (teaching Anatomy) at MJC, a nationally recognized Instructor of the Kinesio Taping Method, a Doctor of Chiropractic and parent of two wonderful children.

Student success is not merely an outcome but also a process. Dr. Lease is committed to ensuring that equity and opportunity exist for all students.

Dr. Lease pledges to continue finding innovative ways to help students complete their educational goals and provide for their families. Together we can build an exceptional future for our students.